States largest medical marijuana dispensary coming to Daytona Beach

A now empty, rundown, old furniture store is about to become a superstore for medical marijuana -- it will be the largest dispensary in the state.  City officials say, with the growth of the industry, this is just another business in their eyes.

Trulieve has the most marijuana locations in the state. 28 dispensaries. A lot of details about the Daytona Beach location are being kept under wraps right now, but the real estate firm that has this listing says the company has committed to a long-term lease.

Trulieve has leased the building and it’s more than 6000 square feet. It’s across the street from a university and next-door to an apartment complex. Jade Arnold calls this area home.

“Why not put it there, in the center of where everybody goes?” Arnold said.

Arnold has a connection to the medical marijuana industry, because her brother works for a Trulieve competitor, Curaleaf, which has a location a few blocks away. She says she’d like to apply for a job at the new Trulieve facility when it begins hiring.

Trulieve did not respond to our request for comment. A city spokeswoman said medical marijuana is becoming so much a part of the landscape all over Florida, there’s no reason to make a statement at all, just because a new dispensary is opening.

Arnold said she does not worry about the dispensary attracting the wrong crowd.

“Because its not bad folks doing it,” Arnold said.

In the company quarterly financial report, Trulieve says it’s in expansion mode. No word yet on when this location will open.