State lawmaker asking Orlando police for transparency as search for downtown attack suspect continues

Orlando police continue to search for a man who attacked a woman downtown, in her own apartment. But now a state lawmaker is asking for police to be more transparent in releasing information in the case, in order to calm residents.

The suspect can be seen in surveillance following a woman downtown, off Pine Street, as well as Wall Street.

Investigators say the stranger continued to follow her, to another area, running inside the victim’s apartment, without her permission, then attacking her and stealing cash from her wallet. 

"It’s very concerning and for the community as a whole, folks are looking for answers," said State Representative Anna Eskamani

State Rep Eskamani lives and works downtown and is concerned. 

"We reached out to the Orlando Police Department for more specifics on the geographical location. I understand sharing a specific apartment is probably not realistic, but even just a better understanding of where in downtown," said State Rep Eskamani.

She even posted on social media, encouraging the public to report any information on the case. 

In the case report, charges include burglary and theft, but there’s another charge that’s been redacted. Leaving even more questions as to what else happened during the attack. "I think in most police reports that’s very uncommon. We typically see what the charges are."

An Orlando police spokesperson released this statement saying: "This is still an ongoing investigation and releasing the exact charge that is redacted may jeopardize the investigation at this time, as we still have not been able to interview the individual involved in this incident."

Orlando resident Aeriana Trujinno says,"We need to know where, just to avoid or to take extra precaution."

Michelle Ferrand is worried, "How many other women need to be attacked before they release that information?"

As a public official Rep Eskamani says, she takes pride in being transparent and hopes the police department will be as well." I definitely think that it’s in the best interest of every government official agency to release information as quickly as possible, so that you can create some sense of calm and confidence vs anxiety and alarm."

Police say the suspect is around 6'2, has a beard and was wearing a gold chain and Apple Watch. He also has a tattoo of a Japanese symbol on his upper left arm. If you know who the suspect is call Crimeline at 800-423.TIPS.