State considering fencing along railroad tracks in Sanford where teen was hit and killed

Just a couple of days after a 13-year-old boy was hit and killed by a SunRail train in Sanford, FOX 35 watched several people cross the tracks in the same area.

A “No Trespassing” sign doesn’t appear to be stopping anyone from making the dangerous trek.

“Some of them look like four or five years old – usually there’s a group of them,” Altamese Martin, whose home is along the tracks, said about the kids who cross.

Neighbors say it’s been happening for decades because it’s a short cut in between neighborhoods.

"Being that the SunRail is so quick and fast now and it comes constantly, I think it’s real dangerous, especially for kids,” said Shawntia Wimberly, who lives in the area.

Antonio Smith, who says he’s lives in Sanford his whole life, admitted he crosses daily. When asked about the

“No Trespassing” sign, he said officials should put up a fence to keep people out.

We reached out to the Florida Department of Transportation to find out if any new safety measures are in the works and received the following statement:

“Safety is the Florida Department of Transportation’s top priority. FDOT has identified this area as a candidate for safety enhancements. Current measures include no trespassing signage. Proposed enhancements include installing fencing in an attempt to curtail cut-through foot traffic and trespassing on the mainline rail corridor. The proposed project is currently in the development stage. SunRail urges everyone to be careful around railroad tracks.”