Special election in January to pick DeBary mayor

The DeBary City Council on Monday decided to go forward with a special election next year.  This, after council members voted out their mayor last week.

The City of DeBry will likely have that special election in January . They are planning a primary and a final election both in January.

Last week, the city's four council members agreed former Mayor Clint Johnson violated the city's charter eight times.  They then voted him out as mayor.

Johnson is accused of giving directions to staff, a violation of the charter.   The council also has issues with Johnson's social media posts and public records requests.

Johnson was at Monday's meeting, he said, "It's laughable to be thrown out on a technicality on an interpretation that was never intended by the crafters of the rule."

Johnson says he's not sure yet if he will run in the special election and try and get his seat back. He wants to see who is voted into the two open council seats Tuesday.