SPCA of Brevard caring for 8 severely matted dogs

The SPCA of Brevard is caring for eight dogs that employees say were abandoned outside animal services.

On New Year’s Eve, people at the shelter spent hours holding, comforting and shaving dog after dog.

Most of them were matted and covered in feces.

“They’ve clearly been neglected for quite a while and it’s unfair that these poor dogs are going through this,” said Susan Naylor, SPCA of Brevard public relations director.

Naylor livestreamed on Facebook as the dogs arrived at the Titusville facility.

She says one of them is in such bad shape, they’re concerned she won’t survive.

“If she does, the mats were so bad in her leg it actually caused her to lose circulation and she’s probably going to lose her leg,” Naylor said.

The seven others were shaved as much as possible and bathed.

The SPCA says the dogs appear young, friendly and have been named after Sesame Street characters.

They’re hoping the new year will bring new life to the animals.

The organization is hoping local groomers will volunteer their services to help with the dogs.

Naylor says she hopes to have most of them placed with fosters later this week.

Brevard County officials say animal services is working to find out who abandoned the dogs.