SpaceX launches Italian satellite into orbit, successfully lands first stage at Cape Canaveral

After several tries, SpaceX was finally able to launch an Italian satellite into orbit followed by a rare and successful landing of the first stage of the rocket back at Cape Canaveral, Florida.  

The launch had been delayed three times due to weather and a fourth time after a cruise ship came into range of the launch area ahead of Sunday's planned liftoff.

The space company said the rocket and payload were all good to go, but the Coast Guard couldn't keep the cruise ship out of the no-go zone, aborting the launch.

The rocket that carried Italy's COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation (CSG-2) satellite into orbit was transported by a Falcon Heavy side booster that was reconfigured into a Falcon 9 mode.

The landing of the rocket's first stage represented the 104th recovery of an orbital-class rocket booster. 

CSG-2 is designed to provide critical data and emergency risk prevention. 

SpaceX was also supposed to carry out a Starlink mission on Monday out of the Space Coast. No liftoff time has been made clear. 

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