Southwest Airlines offering reimbursements to passengers as flight cancellations continue

Travel headaches for Southwest passengers continue. The airline still leads the way in cancelations worldwide. Their passengers may not be able to get rebooked until the weekend.  

The airline has promised reimbursements and says they are working on a system to find lost luggage. 

Although, those stuck at the airport say the additional spending is adding up fast. 

"It is much more than what I had paid for on Southwest," said Pittsburgh Native Robin McLaughlin. 

McLaughlin had no choice but to book a new flight with another airline. Southwest offered her another flight on Saturday, but that wouldn’t do for the working Mom trying to get back for her Thursday shift. 

"I was thinking like if I can’t find a flight I’ll have to just rent a car and drive 15 hours to get back home," said McLaughlin. 

McLaughlin had to pay up for another flight, but others haven’t been so lucky. 

"I want to cry. I’ve been crying. I’m stressed out. I have a job back at home. You don’t know if you got your job back at home. It’s not their fault you went on vacation," said Shaquanna of New York. 

Shaquanna and her seven kids spent the night at Orlando International Airport. They said Southwest Airlines hasn't been able to help them find a room or another flight.

"They only gave us one voucher," said Shaquanna. "It was for food and they only gave us $10. What is $10 going to do for 10 people?"

A family of four would be able to find a place to stay on Semoran Boulevard, although the price of hotels is around $200 a night. A price too costly for those who say Southwest can’t rebook them anytime soon. 

"I have seven children. I cannot stay in an airport. My youngest is an 8-month-old," said Shaquanna. "I got crying kids. They are hungry. We already spent all our money."

Southwest says they will reimburse those who have to pay for hotels, cars and food because of the delay. They say you can submit a claim here. Although they haven’t said when you could get that money. 

As for your flight, you can get that reimbursed online or at the check-in counter.