Some textbooks no longer on Florida Dept. of Education's not-recommended list

The Florida Department of Education removed nine textbooks from their not-recommended list, after they say the publishers aligned their materials to remove content that was "woke." 

For Kindergarten through fifth grades, the state approved publisher Big Ideas’ textbooks. They also approved three books from publisher Math Nation. Those being seventh-grade accelerated math, algebra-two honors, and geometry.

Orange County math teacher Ashley Modesto, who teaches at Edgewater High School, says it's good for teachers to have more options in the classroom.

 "As teachers, we're already limited on the resources that we have. So the more resources we can get is always a better thing for us," she said.

FOX 35 reached out to Big Ideas and Math Nation to ask them what the state's objections were, and what they did to change the books. Math Nation nor the State Department of Education have gotten back to us.

Big Ideas got back saying they didn't have any comments, as they were still working through the process.

Modesto says it's disappointing for the state to take a bigger role in class materials. 

"We always do student priority first. So it's almost insulting for them to say we don't trust you to make these decisions and we're going to take it upon ourselves," Modesto said.