Some restaurants move into Phase 3 while others wait

The sign says “OPEN,” but V.L.C. Vegan Eatery is closed to in-person diners for now.

The manager, Kalen Penton, said on Monday, “We understand [the state] is in Phase 3, but we're still on the defense because you never know.”

The family-owned business opened in January and had to close two months later due to COVID-19. They don’t want to close again, but when Gov. Ron DeSantis announces last Friday that the state was reopening, they decided to stay in Phase 2 for social distancing. That means limited staff and curbside pickups.

The owner and chef have 40 years of experience in cooking pan-Asian food, but he and his wife are at an increased risk of getting the coronavirus because of their ages. They will reassess at the end of October.

Penton said, “we're taking this approach basically we're making sure everyone is safe.”