Some Florida spring breakers being offered rewards for masking up

Some counties in Florida are looking at creative things they can do to keep people safe from COVID-19 during spring break.

Pinellas County is even offering rewards. It’s something people in Orange County think would work in Central Florida too.

Normally, spring break in Florida is an "anything goes" kind of situation. But this year, with COVID, some counties are doing everything they can to keep folks safe from the virus.

In Pinellas County, workers are handing out $25 gift cards at random beaches to those who are wearing masks, social distancing and generally being safe. Once they get the gift, they’re asked to sign a pledge to keep up the good behavior.

"I think that they’re just trying to bribe people to wear masks," said Hannah Sanders, who lives in Casselberry.

Maybe, but some say that little push may be just what people need these days.

"If it helps protect the people and keep them safer, and keep them from getting COVID, then I would say it sounds like a smart idea," said Tim Stanfield, who is visiting Florida from Georgia.

"I think it would definitely help because people would be more motivated to actually wear their masks," said Johanna Ayala, who’s visiting Florida from Texas.

One Volusia County official told FOX 35 it’s a great idea, though some wonder if it will really do anything to stop spring breakers who came to the Sunshine State to party.

"I don’t think so just because they’re coming here to have fun, so they’re obviously not going to do that. People are going to go to the beach and do what they want," Sanders said.

But, there’s one thing others say people want more than partying.

"Everybody wants money right now. The pandemic has become a kind of big deal with jobs and everything."

So far, around 23,000 people have gotten one of the gift cards and signed the pledge in Pinellas County.

Visit St. Pete plans to keep the rewards going through next month.