Snake hiding in pool noodle startles swimmers

If you plan to spend your summer poolside, you may want to beware of critters nearby. One family got a scare when a snake came flying out of a pool noodle.

"It's a little scary!" said Ruby Knight. "He blew through the noodle and it came out the other end near my other grandson who was swimming."

Knight didn't know what to do.

"I freaked. My husband said, 'It's ok, it's ok!'  He went to get the skimmer and scooped it out."

Trapper Bob Cross said snakes typically slither into pool enclosures looking for a snack, like lizards, frogs and bugs. But once they're in there, they like to find cool, dark places -- like inside a pool noodle.

"Snakes crawl and look for holes. I find them around the pool storage equipment boxes, around the deck."  

And when you find one?

"I would keep an eye on it, leave it alone. Use your cell phone, take a picture, send it to me or anyone you know that could identify the snake."

If it's poisonous, get a trapper to remove it, he said. But if it's not?

"You could take a broom and ease it out one of the doors. Take a pool net and longer pole and shoo it out one of the doors."

Knight said they freed the non-poisonous snake, but no longer take any chances.

"We come out here now and check the noodles, check the toys."

Cross recommends repairing your lanai screen and putting something under your door, so snakes can't get inside the enclosure.