Sleeping puppy in pajamas is melting hearts everywhere (VIDEO)

A video of a puppy wearing pajamas in deep slumber is giving people all the feels. 

Have you ever watched a baby sleep and felt a sense of peace ensue? Well, this puppy enjoying blissful z's, in his ducky pajamas, is not going to do that! In fact, he's making people go crazy. 

The Instagram account @roofusandkilo, which focuses on rescuing and fostering dogs, posted Miles, one out of their five rescue puppies, in full slumber-- and we're obsessed!

While every post on the account deserves a double tap, there's something special about seeing the little fur ball so at ease. Is it his pajamas or tubby belly? Whatever it is, all we know is it's doggone cute!

The account is ran by Candice, who has 12 acres of land in Marcola, Oregon. The place acts as a sanctuary for pooches facing euthanization.

She began rescuing dogs five years ago.

"I was volunteering with all three of my local shelters and animal rescue group. Unfortunately, the number of animals getting adopted only sometimes outnumbered the ones being put down," Candice told FOX 5. 

She's had over 100 dogs through her home over the years. And thanks to social media, people can keep up with the daily adventures of all the rescues.