Sisters of man struck by lightning meet Good Samaritan who saved brother's life

Thanks to technology, FOX 35 News was able to connect the sisters of a lightning strike victim to the man who saved their brother's life in Brevard County.

Bruce Kelly, 68, is recovering in the hospital after being struck by lightning. His sisters, Mary Mueller and Donna Liverman, call it a miracle that he survived.

"We got a report that he is off the ventilator completely, sitting up in bed talking. It is simply amazing," Mueller told FOX 35 News.

Amazing that Manny Shenkman and his girlfriend just happened to be driving by when Kelly was struck by lightning.

“I got out, he was unresponsive, and I started doing CPR on him and had Amy called paramedics and they walked us through it and did a great job!" Shenkman said.

"I can’t tell you how grateful my sister, brother and I are, that you jumped in there and you pumped on him and you kept his heart going. So we could just enjoy more time with him. I just thank you so much for that," Mueller told Shenkman.

Mueller said her brother had recently had several surgeries and she was concerned he wouldn't survive.

"We’re just really grateful for the extra time you’ve given us with Bruce,"  Liverman said, fighting back tears.

"I look forward to meeting you also I’m glad he’s in good health and is doing good," Shenkman replied.

Kelly's sisters believe there was divine intervention that placed Shenkma in the right place at the right time in a Palm Bay neighborhood.

"It’s God’s grace and goodness and Manny you played a role and we just can’t get enough! Thank you! We look forward to meeting you," Mueller said.

Kelly's sisters plan to visit in a couple of weeks so they can thank Shenkmany in person.