Short-term rentals prove to be heated debate in Volusia County

Dozens upon dozens of homeowners showed up to Tuesday’s Volusia County Council meeting to speak out on short-term rentals.

Opponents of rentals under 30 days say they ruin neighborhoods and claim complaints have grown over the last few years.

"I want to give you this example. I happen to love Publix, but I don’t want a Publix inside my neighborhood," said one speaker.

Supporters on the other hand say the rentals are economic drivers and are often well kept and maintained properties. 

"This is a multi-million-dollar economy boost, starting with booking your flights, renting your cars," said another speaker. 

After about six hours of discussion and public comment, the county council ended up tabling the issue until later in the spring.

Council members want to wait to see what the state decides on a bill that would drastically change short-term rentals statewide.

"This is a big dadgum issue and this is asking to change people's lives. This deserves the time that it takes to do it right, and I really think we need to wait until April. That’s two months," said Volusia County Council Vice-Chair Billie Wheeler. 

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Opponents and supporters urged the council to think carefully about this decision, saying it impacts thousands county-wide.

"I’m actually going to beg you [to] please carefully consider what you’re about to do," said a homeowner.

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