Sheriff: Florida man 'having episode' when he murdered his own father

A 21-year-old Florida man is facing a murder charge for allegedly killing his father.

After 10 a.m. Sunday, the Polk County Sheriff's Office received two 911 calls about the deadly shooting. According to FOX 13, a neighbor called to report the suspect, identified as 21-year-old Kyle Raemisch – was shooting a gun in the garage and the victim – later identified as his father, Christopher Raemisch – was dead. 

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd says after committing the crime, Kyle Raemisch reportedly confessed when he called 911.

Dispatch: "What's going on?"

Raemisch: "My dad is trying to kill me."

Dispatch: "Okay, where's he at?"

Raemisch: "He's dead now." 

Dispatch: "Okay, did you do something to him?"

Raemisch: "Mmhmm."

Dispatch: "What did you do?"

Raemisch: "I shot him."

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"When asked where the suspect shot the victim he stated, ‘the head.’ When asked why he shot the victim, the suspect stated, ‘because of the money,’" according to a sheriff's office statement describing the phone call. "The suspect stated he has been held hostage for far too long. When asked how many times he shot the victim, the suspect stated, ‘Too many times.’"

Sheriff Judd says his deputies figured out Raemish was not properly taking his medication and was having an episode at the time of the shooting.

"His history tells us, when he doesn't take his medication he has episodes where he thinks people are tying to kill him, specifically his dad being one of them," Sheriff Judd said.

Deputies say the gun used in the shooting belonged to Raemisch's father, but say it's unclear how the weapon ended up in his hands.