Shelter staff cheer on dog leaving for new home after New Jersey owner died of COVID-19

An adorable dog whose owner died from COVID-19 was cheered on by staff at a New Jersey animal shelter as she left for her new forever home on April 25.

Footage by Monmouth County SPCA (MCSPCA) shows tiny Che-Che receiving a walk of honor as she leaves with her new owner after spending a couple of weeks in the Eatontown shelter’s care.

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“Our girl Che-Che received the highest quality care (and lots of cuddles) with us after losing her human dad to COVID-19,” the MCSPCA wrote in a Facebook post. 

“We knew that the only way to honor her family was to find her a place where she could live out the rest of her life like the princess she is,” the shelter wrote.

The MSPCA also thanked everyone who shared Che-Che’s story and donated money to her care, as well as the care of the hundreds of other homeless pets they care for.