Shark scare at Cocoa Beach

Lifeguards at Shepard Park in Cocoa Beach spotted the fin of a blacktip shark on Wednesday.

The shark was spotted from one of their watch towers and was about 100 yards from the shoreline.   That prompted a closure of the beach for swimmers, for approximately 30 minutes. 

"It's very scary. I think I'm not putting my feet in the water anymore," explained Luna Cohen, who was hosting friends on vacation from Brazil.

She said she had a close encounter with a shark in Titusville a couple of years ago, and she still a little spooked about it.

"I was in the shallow area too, it was by my knees, but the lucky thing was I was able to run out!"

Officials said a blacktip shark is about two to five feet in length and it the type of shark that commonly bites humans -- they swim in very shallow water, sometimes in just a few inches of water. 

With a big holiday weekend, swimmers are being asked to stay alert.