Service dog 'Simba' missing in Merritt Island

A service dog is lost in Merritt Island. 

His owner needs him and your help.

"Simba" is an Italian Mastiff, missing since Monday.

His owner was at a doctor's appointment, and Simba got anxious because he was gone too long.

Friends and family members describe this bond as a brotherhood.

Ryan Crum was injured in a life-changing car accident.

Crum tells The News Station he was lucky to have survived the car wreck five years ago, but he broke his neck and doctor's appointments are still a big part of his life.

While he was away at his most recent appointment, Simba got out of the family’s backyard.

Gordon Pennington is one of Crum's best friends and his dog, Flash, plays with Simba whenever they’re together.

Gordon has been involved in the search effort.

There was a Simba sighting near the Merritt Island airport late Monday. 

He was spotted on the runway, a mile from the house, but dashed off before anyone could get him.

“They’re brothers and they need each other,” Pennington said.

Pennington asks folks in Merritt Island to be on the lookout so Ryan and Simba can be reunited.

“He is still hopeful, you know, he can’t give up faith, he’s just really hopeful,” Pennington said.

Simba was born on Christmas. 

Ryan hopes the Christmas spirit could help in this search.

If you see Simba, call the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.