Senior living community evacuated ahead of Dorian

Osceola County officials have issued a mandatory evacuation order for a senior living community in Kissimmee. 

The Good Samaritan Society brought in ambulances Sunday to evacuate residents who require 24/7 care. They are being moved to a hospital in DeLand that's on higher ground.

"Our highest value is the lives of our residents," said Aaron Woods, a spokesperson for Good Samaritan.

As Hurricane Dorian creeps closer to the Florida coast, thoughts of Irma are on the mind of people who live there.

"Our main concern is water – Kissimmee, this campus – sits on a low-lying area," Woods said.

The senior living community flooded in 2017 when Shingle Creek overflowed in Irma's aftermath. People were forced out of their homes and a lot of damage was left behind.

"It's best to prepare," said Miguel Velez, who lives at Good Samaritan in Kissimmee.

While the organization is transporting some people by ambulance and bus, a lot of other folks are expected to leave on their own. Velez says he wants to stay, despite the mandatory evacuation order.

"I've got water, I've got candles, got some canned food," he said.

"There have been some residents who have requested to stay. We're going to work very hard to evacuate all of our residents," Woods said when asked about people who want to ride at the storm on the campus.

There is a shelter for people who don't have anywhere else to go. Sheriff Russ Gibson says deputies will be doing more patrols in the area to look for looters.

"These people cannot be praying on other people in this time when we're taking all these precautions to preserve life," Gibson said. 

The county would like everyone evacuated from Good Samaritan by noon Monday.