Seminole State wins 4th national championship

The Seminole State women’s golf team recently captured its fourth-straight NJCAA national title. It was their fifth overall.

Even though the Raiders are used to winning, this year’s championship run felt different.

"We were really happy because this year was more difficult than last year," sophomore Ayami Takahashi said.

"We were so dominant the last three years. This year, we were probably pretty equal to the top four teams. We just trained harder and smarter," head coach Christa Teno said.

Part of Seminole State’s Training includes meditating and speaking positive affirmations. Two things that transfer to the course.

"The first thing we learn is actually how to breathe. Which sounds stupid. But it actually really helped on the golf course in stressful situations," freshman Salysa Mason said.

This program attracts players from all over the world.

They compete two years for the Raiders. Then most go on to finish out their college careers at Division I schools.

"It’s pretty special too just to have the opportunity to come here and then transfer," sophomore Tiana Elsen said. 

Thanks to Coach Christa Teno’s leadership, the Raiders are sure Seminole State will get to bring home more national championships in the future.