Seminole County's new tax collector wants to foster trust in wake of Greenberg scandal

Seminole County's new tax collector inherited an office that was mired in controversy following the resignation of Joel Greenberg.

Greenberg served as the tax collector from 2016 until he stepped down last June, one day after prosecutors revealed he had been indicted on multiple charges.

Regaining trust both inside and outside of the Seminole County Tax Collector's Office is a big undertaking for newly elected J.R. Kroll.

"Everyone's happy to have a normal seat back in the office," Kroll said.

He got a head start back on November 4, before officially getting his name on the door in January.  With it came new computer upgrades, security cameras, and some cost-cutting.

"There were contracts to be terminated," he said.  "I did eliminate two of the leases that were in the admin building of Lake Mary. There were three total leases there; now we're down to one. So instead of spending, I think $187,000 a year on rent, now we're going to be down to about $50 to 60,000 a year in rent."

After nearly four years under Greenberg, the budget reportedly increased by more than $3.5 million. Kroll is promising to take it down and is inviting the Clerk of Court to audit his personal finances, bank statements, and credit cards.

Kroll has now had more than five months to get acquainted with his new job

"I'm honored that Seminole County has chosen me and I won't let them down and I really want to bring the transparency and honesty back to this office and make it the way it should be for Seminole County."

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