Seminole County officials warn flood water will continue to rise, reopens sandbag locations

Seminole County's leaders say they expect post-Hurricane Ian flooding to get worse. The community is coming together to help each other out. Dozens of people filled sandbags in Oviedo, which is bracing for more flooding. They say it's neighbors helping neighbors.

They've been going back and forth delivering fresh sandbags to their community. "We favored really well through the storm, so we felt we'd help out. We ended up in Twin Rivers. We realized they're in desperate need. So this is our third trip here," said Kylee Ciullo, who lives in Oviedo.

Oviedo Mayor Megan Sladek said more communities may be swamped and roads blocked. "The water initially soaks-in the best it can. Then it starts to make its way towards the ocean. Where it's going right now is mainly the Econ river. Eventually it'll get to Lake Jessup and that'll have its own surge, but everything starting inland, it's just gonna push its way out to the ocean."

On Saturday, three more sandbag locations will open up for residents. 

Sandbag locations in Seminole County

  • The old Geneva Fire Station at 217 2nd street
  • Wayside Park along the St. Johns River in Sanford
  • Westmonte Park in Altamonte Springs

These three sandbag locations will open at 8 a .m. on Saturday.

Drone footage released by the Seminole Fire Department shows flooding over multiple areas of the county. 

Winter Springs - Hacienda Village

Sanford - St. Johns River

Winter Springs - Winding Hollow

The county is setting up new command operations in the Geneva area to help with more flooding that could be coming there. Seminole County leaders say residents in low-lying areas of the county should prepare. "Much of the water and rain around the state is going to flow through the St. Johns River," said Seminole County Fire Chief Matt Kinley, "It's gonna come right through central Florida and into Seminole County."