Seminole County Animal Services sues Sanford dog owner who wants 38 dogs back

Seminole County is taking legal action after seizing 39 dogs from a Sanford home. One of the dogs died shortly after being recovered. Animal Services called the conditions of that home the worst they had ever seen.

The dog owner Brandon Blake, 40, who is facing multiple charges of animal neglect, has bonded out of jail. He told FOX 35 News he wants his dogs back. The county is stepping in to sue Blake for possession of the dogs. 

"We saw everything from skin irritations that were not being treated to growths," said Animal Services Director Alan Harris. "They were clearly not being fed properly."

Harris said they also found four dead dogs at Blake’s Sanford home and business where he was keeping the dogs. Harris was there as one of the dogs they seized passed away. 

"It was in incredibly poor condition," said Harris. "It was actually right in front of me as it passed away."

Blake said the situation is not as it seems. He said his company Brandon Blake — K9 Services — had fallen on hard times after Hurricane Ian and things got out of hand. People who know Blake, believe him. 

"He was a good dude and I hate to see it go down like that," said Dontrail Jones. 

Jones runs Smokey D’s Barbecue at the end of Blake’s street. He said he went to school with Blake and has bought dogs from him in the past.  

"I’d love for him to get his dogs back. That’s his lifeline. That’s all he knows," said Jones. 

Blake said he has successfully run his company for 23 years. His kennel license was in good standing up until the dogs were seized. Blake said he called the county a few weeks ago for help. He asked if they could pick up some of the dogs because he couldn’t afford to care for them all.  

Harris believes this was an excuse. 

"He runs a kennel so he’s saying that he could take care of the animals," said Harris. "He could bring them to the shelter but at no time did he bring them to our shelter."

The 38 remaining dogs are being treated and cared for at Seminole County Animal Services while the court case plays out. The decision about what is next for these dogs is in the court’s hands.