Seminole Co. Girl Scout camp gets big donation after wildfire destruction

For the first time on Monday, the Girl Scouts stepped inside their new air-conditioned digs at Camp MahKahWee. 

"It means a lot just to have a safe place and somewhere where you can relax and finally enjoy -- and talk to the people around you," said Emma Fitzgerald, 11.

In April, a wildfire tore through the camp destroying cabins, causing millions of dollars in damage. A local company answered their call for housing help.

Fred Kosiewski, Board Chairman of the Girl Scouts of Citrus said, "We're thrilled! Knowing like you do that camp in the summertime in Florida requires air conditioning. The fact that they have it in there is a good thing."

World Housing Solution of Sanford donated the cabin that sleeps 12. The company builds similar ones for the military. This one has one big benefit: it’s fire resistant. 

Ron Ben-Zeev, President, CEO of World Housing Solution told FOX 35, "It will not catch on fire because of the material that we use. It's highly resistant to fire. It's called Phenolic."

That peace of mind, and spirit of sisterhood and community is what Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Winter Park, and others hope the girls remember.

Rep. Murphy said, "An understanding of how special this place is. And that it's important for neighbors to be kind to neighbors."

"Thank you so much!" said Jessica Barauskas, 11.

The cabin will be at the camp for at least the next month. Kosiewski said they're still decontaminating some other cabins from fire damage, but hope to finish most of the rebuilding by next summer.