Security ramped up for President Trump's visit to Orlando

Law enforcement officers were out in full force from agencies all over Central Florida.

Police say someone with a gun came to the event. He had a valid concealed weapons permit and was not allowed inside.  However, Orlando Police say they haven't had any other incidents happen.

Officers say they have had visits like this in the past and know how to deal with them, but this is different, because the president is kicking off the 2020 campaign and the big announcement warrants a larger police presence. People waiting in line said they noticed the police presence and felt safe.

"Bike patrols, yeah. It's good. I feel completely safe, and we're all with people we feel comfortable with so that helps too," said one Trump supporter.

"The Trump family, the 'MAGA' family is always good energy, so I love it. The 'MAGA' people, we always support each other," said another.

Orlando police officers say they have staff who specialize in crowd control, and they will be called if needed. There were also Orlando firefighters in and around the Amway Center in case there's any kind of heat-related emergency with those who have been waiting outside for hours.