SeaWorld Orlando welcomes whiskered baby walrus

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SeaWorld Orlando has a proud new addition to its array of wildlife - a baby walrus!

Officials say the calf weighs a whopping 150 pounds and was born on July 3 to mom Kaboodle and dad Garfield.

The calf is 16-year-old Kaboodle's second calf and the second calf born at SeaWorld Orlando.

In a news release, officials at SeaWorld said: "Under the watchful eyes of attentive animal care teams, it was determined that Kaboodle was not lactating and the calf had not received critical early nutrition.   The team made the decision to intervene and is now providing 24-hour care including eight bottle feedings a day, socialization and companionship, providing the opportunity for the calf to thrive."

Officials say both mom and calf are doing well.