Sears begins closing sale at local store, shutdown expected in September

The Sears shutdown is expanding into Central Florida, as the company is closing down another one of its local stores.

Starting in July, the Sears in Altamonte Springs will begin marking down items to start their going out of business sale.

Sears recently announced plans to shut down 78 stores, with quite a few of them right here in Florida. Stores in Altamonte Springs, Titusville, Sanford, and Gainesville are all on the chopping block.

Retail experts we spoke to say that sales in the brick and mortar locations have been declining for the past several years due to the growth in online shopping. Sears, however, has not yet given an official reason for why the yare closing more department stores.

Sears says that closing sales will start this month, with plans to clear out and shut down in September.