Search for serial bank robbery suspect

A professional business appearance may be hiding a drug-fueled bank robbery suspect who is accused of ripping off four locations in two counties.

Surveillance footage shows us 37-year-old suspect Jesse Ayotte is not wearing a suit and tie, when police say he perpetrates his heists, but that's how you may have seen him before.

In one robbery, he wore a tee-shirt that reads "Tattooed Wizard," but on his LinkedIn page, he lists hotels and timeshare real estate firms as his employers. He describes himself as a “merchant of dreams.”

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood describes Ayotte as an addict who is a danger to himself and others.

“And the person you may know in that picture is not the same person and what we’ve learned from family members is the impetus is he has moved from a pill problem onto heroin, so he’s clearly not thinking rationally,” Chitwood said.

The LinkedIn page picture, which authorities are using on their posters, sure doesn't look like the type of guy who would target banks, at closing, but authorities say he’s done one in Orlando, one in DeLand, two in Orange County.

Ayotte’s criminal background includes charges for fraud and grand theft, never anything violent though. But suggesting he has a weapon to bank-tellers takes things to a new level. Authorities say the first bank he struck was in May, the most recent was Tuesday.

“The teller from her interview, was scared to death, she was scared for her life, just think of it, you’re in there working and all of a sudden, a man shows up and demands money, that’s not something that happens every day and it’s clearly impacted her in a very negative way,” Chitwood said.

Authorities hope Jesse will turn himself in. But if he won’t, they’re hoping someone recognizes the pictures and leads them to him.