Search for Palm Coast Peeping Tom

There is an uneasy feeling in a Palm Coast neighborhood after a 16-year-old girl told Flagler County sheriff's deputies a stranger took a picture of her through a window as she was showering in her home.

In the incident report, the victim told deputies a man was standing outside, snapping pictures through the window blinds.  She has no idea who it is.

"There's no indication that she knew him, that we're aware of, at least at this point," said Rick Staly, with the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

In the report, the victim said she screamed for help, and her parents called the police.  The suspect took off -- a witness said they heard the man yelling "wait up for me!" as he ran away.

By the time deputies showed up, the guy was long gone. Deputies searched the area, but didn't find him.

Jaime Simoes, who lives along the street said  "It's crazy. It should not happen in this neighborhood."

Sheriff Staly said the search is on for the suspect. The only description they have is a young teen or man  wearing a blue shirt and black pants.
"We are actively investigating the case. We have very little information to work with," said Sheriff Staly.

People who live in the area said it was just down right creepy to know there is a peeper out there, armed with a smartphone.
"For the girl, I feel sorry about her," Simoes explained
About the suspect, Simoes said, "He should go in jail."

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information to call CrimeStoppers at  888-277-TIPS (8477) or send a text to CRIMES (274637).