Search for Lake County arsonist

Graffiti on a medical complex building in Lake County threatened to burn county property if a low-grade sex offender was not off the state sex offender registry by October 22.  

When the deadline passed, vehicles were torched in the parking lot of Mid-Florida Pathology in Eustis -- ten cars in total.

Right across the street from where the cars were burned, another graffiti message was spray-painted on the side of a building,  like the first, again talking about the sex offender registry.

"We're taking it very seriously," said Lt. John Herrell with the Lake County Sheriff's Office.     "He, or she, indicated that a building would burn, and now, you look at the fact that he or she followed through with the threat. It's alarming."

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is urged to call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477) or the Eustis Police Department.