School bus driver removed during investigation

It was a blatantly illegal maneuver caught on camera. 

Christina Johnson said she recorded a Volusia County school bus driver turning across busy lanes of traffic in Daytona Beach, while also violating a traffic sign.  It left her and her husband, Jesse, infuriated.

"I was concerned, not only for my kids but for other people's kids," she said, "and if he's making these choices to disobey traffic laws there, who knows what else he's doing for his other routes and his other pickups?"

The Johnson's have two children who ride that bus and say they recorded the video, to prove it's a regular occurrence.

"I was astonished that it happened again, and that it was that close to the Votran bus," she said.

Johnson said she made sure to capture the sign in her video, showing "Right turn only," as the bus driver turns left, moments before another bus whizzes by.

The couple said they posted the video on Facebook after not getting a response from the county.

In a statement sent to FOX 35, a spokesperson for the school district wrote, "The case is under investigation, and the bus driver is in a non-driving capacity, while this is being investigated."