Sanford Make-A-Wish recipient gifted with unique trip

Nakeem Blackman got an unforgettable surprise on Monday.  

"Shocked and excited at the same time, "Blackman said. 

Blackman, 16, heading to Williamsburg, Virginia to see a Revolutionary War re-enactment.

He already knew about the trip, but he didn't know the "Sons of the American Revolution" would honor him with the coveted good citizenship medal and certificate. 

It's all thanks to Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida. 

"What makes it so special is that Nakeem is 16 years old, and we’ve never seen a wish like his in our chapter," Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida President and CEO, Anne Cuba said. 

Blackman is a history buff, who loves reading and learning about new and old things. 

"He never ceases to amaze. He’s very loving and helpful. He never lets his illness define who he is," Blackman's mother, Natasha, said. 

Blackman lost his ability to hear nearly 10 years ago. Soon after, he was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. He now uses hearing aids, lip-reading, and sign language to assist with communicating.

He's eager to take a step back in time to experience one of his favorite periods in history.

"I read a lot about history, American history, world history, all kinds of history," Nakeem said.