San Jose police bring birthday surprise to 5 year old 'superhero' battling cancer

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A five year old San Jose girl battling leukemia got a birthday surprise from some of her heroes.

A group of San Jose police officers recently showed up bright and early on the morning of her birthday party with gifts in hand and to make little Giselle an honorary officer.

Mom Gabrielle tells KTVU Fox 2 that the family had decided to throw the little girl a "celebration of life" block party as the child's birthday and end of treatment date both approached.

As they went to file the paperwork to get the permit to close-off the street for the party, Giselle informed an officer that her birthday was coming up and that "she beat cancer and that made her a super-hero like them."

And she said that she planned to be "a ballerina police officer" when she grows up, according to her mom.

The little girl also explained how she wants to raise money to "make medicine that doesn't hurt" to help her friends who are also going through childhood cancer.

The young girl's words and proclamation made an impression on that officer and a short time later, Gabrielle received a call from police saying they wanted to stop by as part of the child's celebration. 

So on the morning of Giselle's party, at 7:00 a.m., some San Jose police officers on the midnight shift showed up after work to honor the little girl with a special birthday gift.

They arrived with an electronic toy car and an outfit with real police patches, according to mom. She said her daughter "was so excited and happy!"

Giselle was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of three, two years ago.

She became very ill during her first week of treatment and spent two months in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.

Her mom said once her daughter was released from the hospital, the family knew they had a long fight ahead.

So Gabrielle said she closed her bridal shop business to care for her daughter "and fight alongside" her.

She also launched a campaign to raise money for pediatric cancer research. 

A website has been set up as part of her fundraising campaign. 

On the site Gabrielle writes, "Giselle and I are calling ALL super heroes in the Bay Area and beyond to join forces to make a difference in continuing research funding" to help children with cancer.

Gabrielle expressed deep gratitude to the officers for their show of support for her little super hero daughter.

"I was so impressed and grateful to them for making my little girl so happy on her big day," Gabrielle said.