Safety concerns over widening of Colonial Drive

Some residents who live off of East Colonial Drive want safety improvements, saying a road-widening project is creating dangerous conditions for drivers. "It's frustrating, it's anxiety because you don't know if you're going to get in an accident," said Chandy Rata, a resident in the Colonial Woods subdivision.

HOA President Rocky Ward said he gets complaints from neighbors on a daily bases regarding work by the Florida Department of Transportation to widen East Colonial from four to six lanes. "There's no signage up front notifying that there's workers present, and then they've blocked the street off where we have to enter Colonial Drive highway 50 and the traffic is extremely fast," he said.  "Sometimes they park the big trucks up front and you can't see to get out."

Ward said he has tried contacting FDOT for help, but so far, no one has gotten back to him. However, we were able to get in touch with the a spokesperson for the agency. Steve Olson told us, via phone, that safety measures will be taken. "Keep an eye out for the residents and make room for them when they want to get in and out. Also when you're coming into that area maybe some better signage let the people know what they're going to be encountering."

The East Colonial construction goes from Dean Road to East Avalon Park. "It's really frustrating, especially when I hear it from all the residents in the area.  We understand they've got to do construction and progress must go on, but safety is the number one issue for us in our community."

This five mile stretch will be finished some time in 2017.