RSV, virus similar to the flu, sending many across the country to the hospital

Doctors are calling it a "tripledemic".

"We are seeing across the nation. So many children's hospitals are full," said Orlando outpatient pediatrician Candice Jones.

Coronavirus, the flu, and now another concern: a virus called RSV. It’s an illness similar to the flu. 

Doctors say it is responsible for a major cause of respiratory issues in young children, causing symptoms like fever, sore throat, and fatigue

Doctors at Nemours Children’s Hospital tell me their emergency rooms are getting busy.

"Because these are all three contagious diseases, when they start in a community, they can just explode," said Nemours children’s health primary care medical director Dr. Thomas Lacy.

But it’s even worse in other parts of the country with some schools and daycares closing their doors.

Lacy says their Delaware branch is seeing significantly more cases than the sunshine state. One reason is the warm weather here keeping people outside, instead of crowded together indoors.

"Also, typically our seasons are a little behind the seasons up north. Influenza starts in October, we usually peak in January and RSV season starts now," Lacy said.