Route delays, late arrivals expected due to Osceola school bus driver shortage

It’s an exciting day for students and bus drivers who are getting ready to hit the road – but Osceola schools are already warning parents there are going to be late school bus pick-ups and drop-offs.

About 23,000 Osceola students ride the bus every day but the district is starting the year off without enough bus drivers. They still need about 35.

Because of that, some school buses may need to make 2 trips for the same school and 2 routes may need to combine into one.

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Officials say there will be route delays, late pick-ups and late-arriving students these first few weeks. They’re asking for patience and understanding as they work through these challenges that most school systems are facing.

For real-time updates on bus routes—parents can download 2 apps.

The first is called ‘Here comes the bus.' It provides real-time GPS location and alerts you when the bus is nearing the bus stop.

‘Bus bulletin’ notifies you of known route delays and substitutions. You can download both apps HERE.

School officials say they’re also finalizing arrangements for the possible use of a privately owned school bus vendor to help get them through this driver shortage.