Rockledge police officers deliver medication to seniors

Corporal Alice Dibiase-Deakins, with the Rockledge Police Department, gets into her police car to provide a coronavirus service.

When Rockledge officers aren’t on duty, they are volunteering as prescription medication delivery people. The corporal is on her way to a local woman’s house with pills and some odds and ends from the drug store. This is so senior citizens don’t have to venture out into the public and risk exposure.

“Well I’ll tell you, 17 years of me working here, I’ve never seen such love, joy, and gratitude shown towards us,” Dibiase-Deakins said.

This is the first week Rockledge police officers are doing this, and so far, 20 seniors have signed on for the service.  Rockledge residents can call police headquarters to become a recipient. Eight pharmacies in the community are involved.

“I won’t go out...not at’s just too risky and I’m at the age where I really have to pay attention,” said Gerri Dorson, moments after taking her meds from the front steps, delivered by the corporal.

“And nobody is certain about tomorrow... we’re not sure when this is going to end... but it’s very important for us to put them at ease, to calm their fears, and most importantly get them the prescriptions they need,”  Dibiase-Deakins said.

So far, Rockledge is the only police department in Brevard County doing this, but they say if other departments want to start a similar program, they’ll show them how it’s done.