Road back open, but city leaders fear the next time rain rolls through

After two days of flooding, 17-92 at the Maitland and Winter Park line is finally back open. But, the worry has not stopped, as the city is worried the next time rain passes through, the flooding is occur again.

Monroe Avenue is currently shut down as crews continue to work on the project to solve the flooding issue.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) says that pumps are supposed to get rid of the rain building up, but they are not doing the job as expected, leaving drivers and businesses frustrated every time heavy rain comes down. 

The City of Maitland says that they are working on a solution, working with contractors and other city officials. Thankfully, there is no rain in the forecast, giving them time to work. 

State Representative, District 30, Robert "Bob" Cortes says that because 17-92 is a state-owned road, it is therefore the state's responsibility to find an imminent solution. He says that if necessary, he will call for the FDOT to force the developer to procure an expedited resolution to this continuing problem.