Residents being evicted from upscale apartment complex

No trespassing signs on some front doors, caution tape along with temporary support beams on corner unit balconies at the Sola at Celebration apartments.  All residents told they're now staying at their own risk they have 30 days to move out. 

"It's pretty startling because these are really nice apartments," said Kristin Sholler. 

She and her husband have lived in the art deco style complex here for less than a year. 

"We noticed sagging balconies.  I actually brought it up to my husband.  It was before the email. We didn't know was it intentional for rainwater or anything. We weren't shocked when the beams went up to support them," said Sholler.

Those beams went up earlier this month, after the property owner noticed some issues and hired engineers to inspect their buildings.  According to a the engineers sent to the county building inspectors, they removed some finishes to get a  look behind the walls. 

Here's what they found:  deteriorating wooden supports, questionable construction methods, and an aluminum railing pulled out of the wall.  But it doesn't end there.  Engineers say mold appears to be growing out of the concrete finish in one area. 

"I didn't know we had any of those. But it makes sense for the 30 days notice," said Sholler. 

Two weeks ago ago folks living in corner units, like Charles Harris were told they'd need to move because of issues with the balconies.  He was hoping to move to another unit in the complex, until yesterday when the county deemed the entire complex unsafe and all his neighbors were told they have to go. 

Southstar Management company sent their residents an email saying they are meeting with the Osceola County Building Inspector on Wednesday and hoping to get more details on the state of their buildings. 

In the meantime, residents were told to expect to see more construction workers around the buildings, installing more support beams.