‘Research is the key’: Antibody testing site to open in Volusia County

As the fight continues to better understand COVID-19, an antibody testing site will open in early May.

Representative David Santiago said anybody can be tested, regardless of eligibility to pay.

“The antibodies test is not to determine whether you have the virus at the time. It’s only to determine whether you’ve been exposed to the virus and if you have the antibodies,” he explained.

At a news conference Friday morning, he called this the next step.

“People want to know whether they had it or if they have the antibodies to feel a sense of comfort and relief to get back engaged into the economy,” he said.

First responders will get a designated line, including the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Mike Chitwood said he plans to get tested himself.

“I know i’ll be one of the first in line on May 4th, and I’m encouraging all my employees since we are essential and first responders and we’re needed,” he said.

He said gathering this research is crucial.

“We come in contact with the public all the time and it would be nice to know are we asymptomatic, did we have it, has our immunity been built up and is there something that they can learn from us,” he said.

“We have to open up this economy. People have to have the answers,” added Rep. Santiago.