Republicans outpace Democrats in Florida's early voting

More than 2.77 million Florida voters had cast ballots as of Monday morning, with registered Republicans outpacing Democrats, according to data posted on the state Division of Elections website. 

The data showed that 1,907,420 people had voted by mail, while 866,784 had cast ballots at early voting sites. Republicans had cast 1.173 million ballots, while Democrats had cast about 1.077 million. About 486,000 had been cast by unaffiliated voters, with the rest from third-party voters. 


Jefferson County Supervisor of Elections Tyler McNeill said he expects more than half of all votes to be cast before the Nov. 8 election. 

"It’s a great opportunity for the county to come in and vote early, for people that have not yet voted by mail or would rather accomplish voting before Election Day," McNeill said. All counties are required to offer early voting through Saturday, with 18 extending early voting to Sunday. 

In total, Florida has slightly more than 14.5 million registered voters.