State Rep. Sabatini giving away AR-15 as part of congressional campaign

Florida House Representative Anthony Sabatini is looking ahead toward Congress and the latest part of that plan is a gun giveaway for his supporters. 

The lawmaker announced he’s giving away a locally-made AR-15 rifle to one lucky winner. Just submit your name on the website and you’re entered to win.

"One way to celebrate the bill of rights is to have fun with it. So we are giving away one of America’s most favorite firearms, the AR-15," said Rep. Sabatini, R- Clermont. 

Fox 35 asked if this was a tactic to raise money for his Congressional campaign. He says of course donations are welcome, but "money’s really not the issue. The issue is about getting people involved in the campaign, focusing on the message of the campaign. The message being here a robust defense of our civil liberties and civil rights."

Second amendment right is what Anthony Sabatini says this is all about, so we showed people his plans for the giveaway and asked what they thought. 

"People who want to buy an AR 15 should be able to buy an AR-15 but to use it as a campaign tool, that’s something I’m not sure is needed," said Steve Krauss.

"The second amendment is a good thing. We own guns. But an AR 15, is this really necessary?" said Helen Strauss.

But some are on board. 

"If somebody’s legally able to obtain one and they would pass all the vetting processes, then I don’t see anything, an issue with it," said Chase Koshnou. "It seems like a good platform to run on if you’re in Florida." 

The winner will be announced on October 4. 

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