Red Lobster customer apparently irate over Mother’s Day wait times brawls with restaurant staff

A customer apparently angered over Mother’s Day wait times was captured on video brawling with employees at a Red Lobster location in York, Pennsylvania. 

In footage of the encounter, the woman appeared to have entered the chain to demand her money back, until being ushered outside by employees.

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In the video, what appear to be multiple Red Lobster employees attempt to keep the woman outside. Then, the woman — who does not appear to be wearing a facial covering despite the state having implemented face mask requirements at essential businesses — can be seen hitting one of the workers, who then responds in kind with physical blows.

Staff then can be seen trying to physically separate the two women. The workers head inside and close the location’s doors.

According to the York Daily Record, police responded to a 4:26 p.m. phone call, noting that the woman had left, although police had spoken to her at another location.

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"That restaurant's closed; you're not allowed in there," Lt. Tony Beam told the York Daily Record, noting that there were additional restaurants in areas had reported delays on the holiday. "My understanding is all food is brought outside of the building."

Restaurants and bars in Pennsylvania have been limited to only carry-out and delivery options as part of the state’s stay-at-home order, effective until June 4. 

While some counties in the state saw parts of their COVID-19 restrictions lifted on May 8, those restaurant and bar limitations still apply across all of Pennsylvania.

While Red Lobster did not address the specific incident in York, the restaurant did issue an apology to its customers for the longer Mother’s day wait times.