Rain brings out poisonous toads

Experts are warning people to watch out for toads that could harm pets.

Cane toads can be found all over Florida, but come out in large numbers after rain showers. Although some look tiny, they can grow to be half a pound according to Chris Woodcock. Woodcock has experience training medical personnel on poisonous snakes and frogs.

“They’re a large toad and that’s the problem, they have these large venom glands in the back of their heads and neck,” he said.

Those venom glands could be deadly to pets. Woodcock says the poison affects the nervous system and could disrupt certain functions.

“Possibly even shutting down the respiratory track,” he said. “Causing them not to be able to breathe correctly and that’s usually what kills an animal.”

He also recommends to keep small children away from the toads.