Rabies alert in Seminole County after cat attack

Feral cats are being trapped in Altamonte Springs, after officials say someone was attacked by a rabid cat.

One trap was outside as body shop on Sunshine Lane. A worker said a stray cat, that's usually friendly, came up and bit him on the leg.  That man was then treated for rabies.

Pat Ladelle says she's concerned, because kids often  walk to school and the shops around here.

"I'm concerned they would see a little cat or kitten and think they should come over and feed it," she says.

William Partin agrees, adding, "You got the little kids, you got school right by my house. Tate Middle School. Little kids walk down there all the time. That's what I'd be worried about."

Partin says too many people feed the feral cats. So far, Seminole County Animal Services has trapped three cats. Even pet owners are worried.

"We were very concerned because we have animals ourselves and actually took precautions," Jim Stoute says.

The Seminole County Health Department issued a rabies alert in the areas of Bunnell Road and Sunshine Lane, to State Road 436 by  State Road 434 and south of Maitland Blvd and Eden Park Road.

Ladelle says, "Make everybody aware of the fact you can't feed feral cats!"

Meanwhile, the worker says he's doing ok, but he was sad to learn that the cat was euthanized.  The rabies alert is in effect until September 8.