Quarantine rules dropped for Florida students exposed to COVID-19

Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida’s new state Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Lapado signed a new emergency rule on Wednesday aimed at keeping students in school.  

If you've got a child who was exposed to someone with COVID-19 and your child is not showing any symptoms, then it's now up to you the parent to decide whether to send your child back to school or keep him or her home.

Florida’s governor explained this is how they've been doing things in the state of Iowa.  He says the European Center for Disease Control is advising against healthy quarantining too.  

According to the governor, Oxford University did a study that showed 98 percent of quarantined students never tested positive for COVID.  He says this move just makes sense. 

"Bottom line is healthy kids have the right to be in school. Parents have rights to have their healthy kids in school. Parents also have the right to be notified if there’s a case in a school and their kid may have been in that class or around. If they think they should keep them out, then by all means," Governor DeSantis said. 

Volusia County Schools sent out a memo letting parents know that they will be abiding by this new rule immediately. 

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