Puppy, older dog become best friends after hard lives, now they need a home

They often say that hardship can bring people together. Well, it appears to be the case for a special pair of dogs here in Detroit.

Maytag and Bogie are best friends. The two pups became inseperable when they were recently taken into animal care and control.

"I started to go in and I would see they were in the same cage, then they were in the same office, and then they were dressing up together," said Kristina Rinaldi with Detroit Dog Rescue.

Bogie was a stray, roaming the streets of Detroit when he was picked up. Maytag was rescued after being chained to a refrigerator on the city's east side.

"This bond is so unique and it's so heartwarming to see. Some of these dogs are in such dire situations, and sad, sad situations and to see a puppy help an older dog and an older dog help a puppy, it's so sweet," Rinaldi said.

DDR is trying to get the best friends fostered or adopted for the holidays, but there's one small catch -- they really want to stay together.

"You know they've lived in this stressful shelter environment. They need a place that's probably no other dogs right now, no children. If you have a little laundry room that's what they're used to. They need a quiet place, somewhere with a lot of holiday cookies and treats, and where they're going to get some attention and some love," Rinaldi said.

Anyone interested in taking these two pals in can visit detroitdogrescue.org.