Publix still requiring masks in stores as Florida enters Phase 3

(Courtesy: Publix)

Shoppers will still have to wear masks while shopping for groceries at Publix, despite Florida entering Phase 3 of reopening.

"We have made no changes to our current policies in light of the Phase 3 announcement," a Publix spokesperson confirmed to FOX 13.

The clarification comes amid confusion sparked by Gov. Ron DeSantis' reopening announcement last week in St. Pete. 

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The governor's order, which went into effect Friday, allows restaurants to reopen without capacity restrictions and says all businesses have the right to get back to work.


(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The Phase 3 order also prohibits local governments from collecting fines from individuals who don't comply with local mask ordinances.

However, the order does not nullify locally passed mask ordinances, which can only be repealed by the local governments that passed them or with the expiration of a local state of emergency.

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Businesses still have the right to ensure customers follow mask orders, and can still be fined by local governments for not enforcing them since the Phase 3 order only suspends fines for individuals, not businesses.

Publix initially began requiring customers to wear face coverings back in July. However, they discontinued the use of one-way aisles at the end of August.

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