Public Safety Commission at Parkland high school meet

A task force at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is meeting Thursday. They're focusing on changes to school security after the deadly February shooting.

16 members of the school's Public Safety Commission is meeting both on Thursday and Friday. They plan to discuss current security, campus police, and diversion programs for students accused of minor crimes. In middle school, Nikolas Cruz was referred to one of those programs, but he never went.

The commission must submit their findings to the Governor by January 1st. In the meantime, two campus monitors have been barred from the school. This was after it was reported that one of them saw Cruz acting suspicious right before the Parkland school shooting.

In an interview, the monitor said he did tell other campus security guards, but did not issue a code red, which would have locked down the campus.


Officials say the two monitors have received administrative reassignments.