Prosecution rests in case against Everett Miller

State prosecutors on Monday rested their case against Everett Miller.  Miller, 47,  accused of killing Kissimmee Police Officer Matthew Baxter, 26, and Sgt. Sam Howard, 36.  

Shortly before that, Lewis Peterson took the stand, wearing his orange jail jumpsuit.  Peterson called investigators shortly after the two officers were killed in the line of duty, snitching on Everett Miller.  He testified that the two had met in the jail's infirmary and that Miller confessed to him.  

Peterson told the jury that he was in jail at the time the officers were gunned down and that he had seen the news coverage about the crimes and hunt for Miller immediately following. Peterson testified that Miller told him he was on his way home when he came across three men where were being questioned by Officer Baxter.  
"They was having a conversation about something and he was just asking them why they were harassing the dudes," Peterson testified, adding that Miller made it clear that he knew Officer Baxter.  "He said he didn't like him." 

He told the prosecutor that Miller used the word "hate" to describe his feelings for the officer.  

"Because they always be harassing things," Peterson said. 

The lead investigator in the murders made another appearance on the stand.  Monday he testified about a Facebook account where Miller had changed his name and frequently posted about his hate and disgust for police, showing the jury several of those posts.  He also testified about infirmary records from the Osceola County Jail, showing that Miller and Peterson were in there at the same time. 

Last week, the jury heard emotional testimony from the responding officers who tried to save Baxter and Howard's lives. They also heard from the medical examiner, who told the jury that Howard had been shot in the head twice at close range.

It remains unclear if Miller will testify in his own defense on Tuesday.  The judge told the jury they would hear closing arguments Tuesday, and he asked them to be prepared to come to court early Wednesday.  He said that is when they will begin deliberations.  

Miller is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.